Fun things to do at the Route 66 Car Show

You already know that the best reason to come to the annual Route 66 Car Show in Berwyn this weekend is to see all the cool customized and classic cars, motorbikes and trucks.  But what else is there to do? Plenty!

1. Have breakfast on the way there at the Steak N Egger on 66 on Joliet Road in McCook. It’s in the bright, shiny, newly renovated former Snuffy’s 24-hour Grill building, a historic eatery on Route 66 since the road’s very beginnings.

2.  Check out the four wayside markers that were erected along Ogden Avenue last year by the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway authority.  Here’s what they’re about and where to find them:

  • Route 66 wayside marker 1 – N side of Ogden Ave. at 34th St., W of Ridgeland Ave.; it sits on a little triangle of land near a flagpole and WW I memorial, and the subject is the Ogden Avenue Corridor of Route 66.
  • Route 66 wayside marker 2 – Ogden Ave. at Clarence Ave., NE corner.  The subject is Berwyn’s Automobile Row.
  • Route 66 wayside marker 3 – Ogden Ave. at Wenonah Ave., NE corner, next to Berwyn’s Toys & Trains.  The subject is car culture.
  • Route 66 wayside marker 4 – Ogden Ave. at Maple Ave., SW corner; the subject is fast food on the road.

3. Hear some good music: the classic rock and road music band The Crown Vics will be playing for your enjoyment.

4. Have lunch at another Route 66 stand-by, Henry’s Drive-in at 6031 W. Ogden Ave. on the south side of the street, just west of Austin Avenue. But beware: if you want to order a classic Chicago dog, make sure you ask for the tomatoes and celery salt because they’re not standard on the dog. And be prepared to get your french fries laid on top of the dog (that’s right, on top — but you can always bump them off to the side and eat them normally, like we do).

5. Stop by the Berwyn Route 66 Museum’s booth and say hi to Jon Fey and his staff (and put a dollar in the kitty for the preservation fund so they can mount some new displays). You know you want to.  Besides, they’re going to have on display that old red VW bug that used to top The Spindle, the 40-foot-tall life-size car sculpture you had to see to believe (it’s gone now, but the museum still has the VW and the BMW that used to be part of the installation and is hoping to resurrect at least that part of it, which is why you’re donating to the kitty).

Until next time,


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