News about our Route 66-related doc film on Jewish Lawndale

Just a quick update about our film spin-off from the book project.  As you know, in the course of doing a lot of research about the Lawndale area, we made a documentary film about the Jewish West Side, which included North Lawndale.  It’s been out on DVD since mid-December (alas, not soon enough for Hanukkah gifts!!).  Since then, we’ve had a little trouble getting the distribution going over at the College of DuPage, whose Multimedia Department graciously lent us the resources to tape and produce the film, which was a co-venture between COD and the Illinois Geographical Society.  The COD media relations department, however, dropped the ball and never sent out the press releases.  Ouch.

We’re happy to report that although we’ve had to take on the publicity for the DVD ourselves, the distribution at least seems to be smoothed out now.  Anyone who wants to buy a copy of the DVD can get it in one of two ways:  you can either pick it up in person at COD and get it at the discounted price of $15 or arrange to have it mailed to you for $20, shipping included.  Either way, it’s a savings, as the initial price was $20 plus shipping and handling.  Contact Dave Gorski in Multimedia at 630-942-2468 or via e-mail at for further information or to make arrangements.  And please pass the word along to your friends and colleagues!  Thanks.

Us making the film "Remebering Jewish Lawndale;" L: Dr. Irving Cutler, R: Maria R. Traska, interviewer; foreground: videographer Luke Ronne.   (Photo copyright 2012 by Keith Yearman)

Us making the film “Remembering Jewish Lawndale;” L: Dr. Irving Cutler, R: Maria R. Traska, interviewer;  foreground: videographer Luke Ronne   (Photo copyright 2012 by Keith Yearman)

And here’s a big surprise (to me, anyway):  our colleague and contributor Keith Yearman, assistant professor of geography at COD, captured a photograph of us actually taping the film last summer on Douglas Boulevard in Lawndale, on what had to be the absolutely hottest day of the year in 2012.  We’re standing across the street from the former Jewish People’s Institute, now Lawndale Academy, a public school.  That’s me on the right, partially hidden by the video camera and tripod, with Dr. Irving Cutler on the left and our videographer and editor, the talented Luke Ronne.  That white blouse was the thinnest – yet still modest – shirt I had, which was why I wore it to stay cool; the plan was that only Dr. Cutler would be visible in the film.  Big mistake on my part.  Lesson learned!


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