Route 66 Song of the Week, events correction & more

Unexpectedly, this week’s posts seem to be almost entirely car oriented.  I know:  many of you think this unsurprising, considering we’re talking about Route 66, one of the all-time best road trips in America.  And yet, there are so many more stories about what’s on the route that we write about car stuff a lot less often than you’d think.  This week proved to be different; so, in honor of all those car fans who should be thrilled at this turn of events, this week’s Route 66 Song of the Week is by guitarist and singer John Mayer.  It’s the version that was used in that animated Disney-Pixar film Cars a few years ago that also made mention of Route 66.

This turns out to be somewhat timely, too, as our compadre Ron Warnick of Route 66 News has reported that there will be a Cars 3 film, and that one will return the action to Route 66 (the second film didn’t and was meh).  Excellent!  More young’uns can learn about our favorite road.

Whoops!!  Every so often, we goof, and a correction is needed.  We’re sorry…  But at least it was only a teensy goof.  Yours truly mentioned in my last post that Hodgkins, IL has its Quarry Days festival on Friday and Saturday, September 6-7 … and then I wrote that the open house for the historical society would be that Sunday afternoon.  Nope – it’s on Saturday during the fest, 10 a.m. to noon.  Sincere apologies to Sue Cappa of the Hodgkins Historical Society, one of our treasured sources.  It’s all fixed now, as is the original post.

And then I ran across a Route 66 item in – of all places – the Allstate blog, brought to you by the car insurance firm and auto club of the same name.  Seems their blogger Melissa put together a list of the Top 10 Route 66 Attractions.  I thought:  great!  Somebody finally tallied this.  But no … this wasn’t based on any particular poll or survey or hard data, not that the post mentioned and not that I could tell in any other way.  Maybe this is just Melissa’s top 10 list.  If so, Melissa must not have eaten at Cozy Dog (she ranked it number 2), whereas Keith and I did less than two months ago – and I’ve gotta tell ya, that was THE blandest corn dog we’ve ever eaten.  Keith and I agreed that even a bit more salt in the batter would’ve improved the batter greatly, though personally I think a few secret herbs and spices wouldn’t hurt, either (hey, it worked for Colonel Sanders, right?).

The bright spot in all this:  at least Allstate and its motor club still recognize that there still IS a historic Route 66 out there and that people are still interested in it.  You are still interested, right? (otherwise, who are all these people reading our blog??)  Thought so.  Which is why we keep writing posts for you.  ‘Nuff  said.

Until next time,


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