Route 66 Song Of The Week for Oct. 19th:  John Pizzarelli’s take

Hey, we’re not that late this week, only a day or two.  Couldn’t find a good version of any of the Rat Pack singing the Troupe number; I thought we’d try that in honor of the new McCook welcome sign, which, frankly, cribs shamelessly from the famous Vegas sign.  So instead, we found a version of the tune that has the snap, crackle and pop that the McCook sign lacks:  a rousing guitar trio rendition by John Pizzarelli and friends.


Pizzarelli, son of jazz great Bucky Pizzarelli, is pretty hep himself, having recorded albums in honor of both Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.  This cut is from his 1995 RCA Novus album Dear Mr. Cole, on which he’s backed up by some tasteful piano and acoustic (stand-up) bass work.

Pizzarelli also has a wonderful weekly 2-hour program on public radio called Radio Deluxe, which he hosts together with his wife, the effervescent vocalist Jessica Molaskey.  It’s like an intimate, laid-back get-together in their ‘deluxe’ living room “high above Lexington Avenue in New York City.”  There’s as much conversation as music, but none of it’s boring.  In fact, they’re pretty damned charming together.  In the Chicago area, they’re on WDCB 90.9 FM at 10pm Wednesday nights, but the show is also available online for your listening pleasure.  And it’s definitely a pleasure to listen to this track.  Enjoy!

Your own Route 66 mixmaster,
DJ SweetMarie


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