Route 66 Song Of The Week for Nov. 2:  The Cheetah Girls

Happy Hallowmas!  (That’s the three-day holiday that covers Halloween/All Hallows Eve, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day/the Day of the Dead).  You didn’t know there was a long weekend for Halloween, did you?  Well, since nearly everyone dresses up for trick or treating, we thought we’d use that as a guide for choosing our latest musical offering.

Little girls love to dress up, right?  The Cheetah Girls aren’t that little anymore, but boy, do they love to dress.  And they got dolled up, all right, for this music video.  They even hit the desert to film it.  But these are Disney gals, of course, so they never made it out of California, far as we can tell.  Heaven forbid that they should make it as far as Chicago!  I’ll say this much for them, however:  their version is certainly spirited enough.  they belt it out and put a lot of those guys tackling the same tune to shame (you GO, girls — work it.  And you boys know who you are).  Have a listen, folks:


Now, did we lie?  Of course not!  Hot stuff, that.  Hope you like yours with ghost peppers.  In case you weren’t aware, The Cheetah Girls are a band created by Disney to make some TV shows, films and recordings for young teen and tween kids. Several of their albums have gone platinum, and they’ve sold a total of 3.61 million copies of their recordings worldwide (total for all of their albums). It’s kiddie pop, but it sells. At least they did one grown-up song.

Enjoy the rest your spooky weekend, y’all!  And don’t overeat on all that leftover candy.

Until next time,
your own DJ SweetMarie



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