Route 66 Holiday Songs of the Week:  The Beach Boys and Kenny Ellis

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!  Bet you didn’t know that Santa has a birthday today.  If you were good, you didn’t have coal in your stocking (maybe candy in your shoe instead?  Lucky you!).  But wait:  it’s still Hanukkah (already??  Yeah, it’s early this year).

We got so caught up in getting ready for the holidays that we’ve neglected our posts lately.  So to make up for that, here’s our musical holiday card to you — a twofer!  The Beach Boys give us a classic from the 1960s (which route-roadie hasn’t heard this one?), set to some lovely holiday lights.  For our Jewish friends, jazzman Kenny Ellis and his crew give us a Swingin’ Dreidel from their album Hanukkah Swings!  And for the perfect transition between the two, there’s a recitation to music of ‘Twas the Night Before Hanukkah.  Never  heard that one?  You will now!  Here you go, folks:




Have a safe and merry holiday season, y’all!
Marie, Joe and Keith



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