Route 66 Song of the Week and more: Mel Torme

Hey y’all, it’s Mardi Gras weekend, and I tried to find something appropriate for our weekly tune, but no such luck.  I couldn’t even find something appropriate in the videos from the recent Elmhurst College Jazz Festival.  So the least I can do is give you something that really swings hot:   Mel Torme Live at the Maisonette.  And I can remind you that today at 4 p.m. at Morton College Library in Cicero is the book signing for the new Arcadia Publishing volume on the Hawthorne Works.  Go to Building B at 3801 S. Central Avenue and ask at the circulation desk to be directed to the exact room.

As for me:  I’ll be there, but I’ll be thinking about Mardi Gras and all that jazz and listening to my 7-hour New Orleans playlist.  Mel Torme is a good way to start that, and he’s particularly good in this recording.  I should warn you, however, that this YouTube video has both the regular-speed version (played in B-flat, with Mel scatting up the tune and the band in fierce shape) and a slower version in G (basically, the video is replayed at a slower speed).  Why did the contributor do this??  Your guess is as good as mine.  I prefer the energy of the original recording, with Mel in his natural tenor, but you may like him as an ersatz baritone.  Who knows.  Here you go.  And laissez les bons tons rouler, mes amis!



Until next time, music fans!
Your own DJ SweetMarie



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