Route 66 Song Of The Week: The Toast Big Band

Greetings, fellow roadies!  ‘Tis I, your favorite musical mixmistress, DJ SweetMarie, with another entry in our road music catalog.  It’s just shy of 50 degrees F. here in Chicago today, almost … balmy.  (Yes, I can hear my aunt in Boca Raton grumbling that 70 degrees is chilly for her, but hey, auntie, you’re wrong and it’s all relative.  Pun intended.  Hah!)  Anyway, it’s the kind of day that almost makes you want to pull out the convertible and take a little trip; or it would, if it weren’t for the melting snowdrifts and salt-rimmed puddles in every parking lot and gutter.  You don’t want your sports car or cycle out in that, folks.

But you can Think Warm, even if we are expecting more snow soon.  Which is why our selection today features a band in Hawaiian shirts with tiki-style music stands (gotta love it!) playing a summer jazz fest:  The Toast Big Band.  Have to give them a lot of credit:  they snap to it and swing the hell out of this number.  Even if the are playing in Annadale. VA (about 15 miles SW of DC, as the crow flies), which doesn’t exactly sound like Swingtown to me.  But I could be wrong; there could be hep cats and Lindyhoppers there around every corner.  Besides, a rockin’ band always warms the soul.  So don your own Hawaiian shirts, mix yourselves some Mai Tais, Singapore Slings or Hurricanes, and give a listen to these high-energy guys.  They’ll get your blood going!

In fact, here are a few things to get you started:

Tip: Use a Hurricane recipe that calls for passion fruit juice and pineapple juice, and use real pomegranate syrup instead of that colored sugar syrup Rose’s passes off for Grenadine. You’ll like the results.


Until next time, music lovers!
your own DJ SWweetMarie



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