Route 66 news: We have a (slightly) new address now

Happy hump day, fellow roadies!  It’s a good Wednesday today for the three scribes here at CuriousTraveler66 because we finally bought our domain name and have a shorter URL now.  It’s not that we don’t love WordPress, because we do; but it’s just so much easier on our readers and fans to have the shortened address.  To wit:  look for us now at — we’ll be there!

And because it’s such a beautiful, sunny day here in Chicago today (60 degrees F. is the high this afternoon — whoohoo!), we’ll treat you to a shot of Grant Park from early last summer, just before the Chicago Blues Festival in June.  If you look carefully at the photo just a bit above and slightly left of dead center, you’ll spot the corner of the Art Institute at Jackson and Michigan, which is where our favorite road began in 1926.  Notice all that green?  It’s coming, never fear.  Just give us a few more weeks and some April showers.

Millennium Park, a subset of Grant Park, is way over to the right at the top of the park.  The three really tall skyscrapers in the shot are, from right to left, Big Stan (the Standard Oil Building, aka Aon Center, which is the square white column at far right), Big John in the distance (the John Hancock Building with its skinny antennae), and Big Willie over to the far left (the Sears Tower, aka the Willis Tower).  Each of them was, for a time, the owner of the title World’s Tallest Building.  And of course, in the foreground are Lake Shore Drive (our other favorite road!) and Buckingham Fountain, which isn’t turned on yet for the season but surely will be by Memorial Day, if not sooner.  OH, how I love Chicago in the springtime …!  Makes you want to dance.


A beatiful view of Grant Park from last summer (photo courtesy of

A lovely view of Grant Park from last summer (photo courtesy of

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