Route 66 Song Of The Week:  Nat King Cole’s new double album is coming out June 3rd

Kudos to Ron Warnick over at Route 66 News for spotting this announcement last week on Yahoo! Finance (riiiight; where else would Universal Music put a new album announcement?  Not like you’d be thinking Billboard magazine or anything …).  It seems Universal Music Enterprises, which owns the old Capitol Records archive, found some unreleased tracks recorded by Nat Cole at a Chicago session circa 1955.  Or rather, Alex Luke, former EVP of A&R at Capitol Records and a big Nat King Cole fan, spent two years working in the Capitol vaults trying to locate missing master tapes, combing through photos, union records, paperwork and tapes to find this material, which evidently got misplaced at about the time Capitol ws moving into its (then) brand new Capitol Tower at Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles.

The search paid off:  the targeted session tapes are still missing, but the unreleased tracks and alternate takes that Luke found were golden.  The standard edition of the new release will hav 22 classic Cole performances, whereas the two-CD deluxe edition — that’s the one you want, folks — features 14 rare or previously unreleased tracks, including four never-before-heard vintage songs and previously unissued alternate takes of Nat Cole standards.  They’ll all be downloadable, of course.

Here’s what the track list will look like:


1. L-O-V-E
2. Walkin’
3. (I Would Do) Anything For You
4. The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)
5. Unforgettable
6. Walkin’ My Baby Back Home
7. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Letter)
8. Midnight Flyer
9. Send For Me
10. Open Up The Doghouse (Two Cats Are Comin’ In)  [with Dean Martin]
11. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
12. Love
13. Papa Loves Mambo
14. You’ve Got The Indian Sign On Me
15. Mona Lisa
16. Let’s Face The Music And Dance
17. Almost Like Being In Love
18. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
19. Orange Colored Sky
20. Long, Long Ago  [with Dean Martin]
21. Breezin’ Along With The Breeze
22. You’re Wrong, All Wrong  (previously unreleased)



1. You Weren’t There
2. How (Do I Go About It?)
3. Sweet William (And Lily At The Valley)  (previously unreleased)
4. Sleeping Beauty  (previously unreleased version)
5. When I’m Alone
6. The Magic Window  (previously unreleased)
7. Little Fingers  (previously unreleased)
8. Ain’t She Sweet  [with Carole and Natalie Cole]
9. What To Do  (previously unreleased)  [with Carole and Natalie Cole]
10. Straighten Up And Fly Right  (previously unreleased alternate take)
11. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons   (previously unreleased alternate take)
12. Unforgettable  (previously unreleased alternate take)
13. Mona Lisa  (previously unreleased alternate take)
14. The Christmas Song  (previously unreleased alternate take)

So it seems only appropriate to give you all a ‘King Cole’ version of our weekly soong, this time with cool vintage shots of wild and crazy vehicles.  There’s even a big PacMan car in there.  Strange stuff!  But we think you’ll enjoy it.

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Until next time,
your own DJ SweetMarie



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