Route 66 history:  the story behind Crest Hill’s Lidice monument

With Wednesday being the 73rd anniversary of the Lidice Massacre, this might be a good time to go into exactly why there is a Lidice monument and rose garden just a mile west of Route 66 at Prairie Avenue and Hosmer Lane in Crest Hill, IL.  Or, for that matter, why the entire subdivision in which it is located is named for Lidice (no, it’s not because the neighborhood is or was predominantly Czech; this goes beyond nationality).

Lidice Park sign - blog (JDKubal 2015)The story of the massacre itself is predictably gruesome and told below, for those who aren’t familiar with it; but the story of the memorial is one of compassion, defiance against tyranny, and hope.  If you’re not Czech or Slovak or don’t live in Crest Hill, you’ve probably never heard of Lidice before; but 73 years ago, the name was on everyone’s lips.

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Route 66 weekend events, June 5-7:  car & bike show, cruise-in, more

Happy weekend, fellow roadies!  Summer’s here, and it’s time for car shows and cruisin’ down our favorite iconic American highway.  Wow, it feels good to be shaking the dust of winter off your wheels, doesn’t it?  Tear down that ragtop, tune up the vehicle, turn up the road music (we like classic Beach Boys, Springsteen, ZZ Top and Pat Metheny, but you may differ), and let’s take off!  Rain or shine, you’ll be doing fine at these events in the [extended] metro area:

McLean County Historical Museum, Bloomington, IL (photo courtesy of Google street view)

McLean County Historical Museum, Bloomington, IL  (photo courtesy of Google street view)

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Route 66 news: new events calendar update, and photos!

Hello again, fellow roadies!  Have you shaken off the dust of winter yet?  It’s Memorial Day weekend, when the Route 66 cruising season here in Illinois begins in earnest, and we have an updated events calendar for you below.  Bring out those convertibles and dust off those bikes, because it’s time to hit the road! Even if you only warm up locally to start.  Which can be fun.  Just remember to buckle up wherever you go, because the Smokies will be out in force this weekend on all the major highways across the nation, making sure you use your seat belts and handing out stiff fines if you don’t.  Better safe than sorry, right?   Right.

picnic 1 - classic Rt.66 rides - a bike, a 'Vette & a ragtop Mustang - blog (MRTraska)

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