Route 66 news flash:  The Berghoff will be sold — but it’s staying in the family

Before you could say “Oh no, Mr. Bill!” momentary panic broke out when the Chicago Tribune announced yesterday that the Berghoff Restaurant and Café, a Chicago landmark, was to be sold – but then relief hit once we realized that it’s staying in the family.

Carlyn Berghoff, great-granddaughter of founder Herman Berghoff and CEO of the company that operates both the restaurant and Berghoff Catering, is retiring at age 55.  Although she started out as a caterer, Ms. Berghoff bought the restaurant a few months after her parents had closed it (again, they were retiring) and intended to use it as a space for private events – but former customers kept asking her if the restaurant had reopened.  Eventually, bowing to customer demand, she reopened the restaurant/bar and downstairs café in 2006.

Berghoff's neon sign (MRTraska) - 600px, 150dpi - blog

The Berghoff’s trademark neon sign (Photo copyright 2014 by M.R. Traska; all rights reserved)

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