Route 66 news: new events calendar update, and photos!

Hello again, fellow roadies!  Have you shaken off the dust of winter yet?  It’s Memorial Day weekend, when the Route 66 cruising season here in Illinois begins in earnest, and we have an updated events calendar for you below.  Bring out those convertibles and dust off those bikes, because it’s time to hit the road! Even if you only warm up locally to start.  Which can be fun.  Just remember to buckle up wherever you go, because the Smokies will be out in force this weekend on all the major highways across the nation, making sure you use your seat belts and handing out stiff fines if you don’t.  Better safe than sorry, right?   Right.

picnic 1 - classic Rt.66 rides - a bike, a 'Vette & a ragtop Mustang - blog (MRTraska)

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Route 66 events: 30th Old St. Pat’s world’s largest block party is on Friday, June 27th

Coming to Chicago in late June and want to do something special outdoors, but can’t wait for the inconveniently scheduled street festivals and art tours?  Do we have an event for you – it’s right on historic Route 66 for two nights, and tickets go on sale this week.

Once upon a time when yours truly was just a wee little thing, there was this new thing that happened during the summer that was an event for singles to meet and have great time with live music, beer and food.  It was called the World’s Largest Block Party.  That sounded friendly enough to me, and lots of other people thought so, too, which was part of the problem.  It was a Saturday event, and it was usually mobbed.  I wondered at the time who would willingly expose themselves to milling and bumping through such an enormous crowd in the heat, humidity and sun just to hear deafening live music; but apparently swilling beer makes you susceptible to a lot of things you might not do otherwise.

Worlds largest block party poster

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